Achieving excellence in knowledge creation, transfer and use of artificial intelligence to drive advanced digital transformation, And consolidating the position of the University of Information and Communications Technology as a leading university for the artificial intelligence community at the local and Arab levels.


  • Launching the first qualitative forum for artificial intelligence in Iraq under the supervision of specialists from various ministries and universities Iraq to draw up the “National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in Iraq”.
  • Launching and enhancing the capabilities of collaborative and developmental research between various disciplines in the fields of artificial intelligence between Iraqi and Arab universities, And preparing specialists and researchers to become competent leaders and innovators with abundant knowledge and extensive experience to develop the technology sector and launch innovative projects in Iraq.
  • Raising the spirit of competition among the pioneers of artificial intelligence from developers and researchers and presenting them to the community of Iraqi state institutions as well as the Arab community.


  • Consolidating the principle of artificial intelligence work in society.
  • Motivating the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education to include the concepts of artificial intelligence in the school curricula.
  • Encouraging the Ministry of Health to adopt smart technologies in the medical and health fields in its institutions.
  • Standing on the problems and difficulties facing the work of the state and how to find smart solutions to them through the recommendations of the forum to be included in research projects to graduate students in various Iraqi universities.
  • Develop institutional and social work towards artificial intelligence applications.
  • Appreciating the efforts of distinguished people in the field of artificial intelligence and encouraging them to benefit from their expertise.
  • Work on the employment of artificial intelligence to achieve the goals of sustainable development in Iraq.
  • Preparing an exhibition of the winning applied projects.
  • Motivating the target sectors to support excellence and creativity in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Involve experts and innovators in the field of artificial intelligence by benefiting from their expertise.
  • Highlighting the bright sides and distinguished efforts in smart applications and solid scientific research to support work towards their application in the Iraqi state institutions.
  • Developing work towards smart cities and the requirements for their establishment, and finding applied smart solutions for them.
  • Encouraging national achievements and distinguished smart programs.