Award include 

  •  A certificate of appreciation bearing the university’s name and emblem, including the name of the entity or person who won the prize for each of the prize’s topics, justifications, the date of its grant, and the signature of the president of the university on it. and any other information determined by the award’s organizing committee. this certificate is awarded to all winners.
  • A shield bearing the name and logo of the university and the name of the winner in the subject of the award, its scope, and the year of the award. This shield is awarded to the first three winners.
  • A cash amount for the first winners.
    • 3,000,000 IQD for the first place winner
    • 2,000,000 IQD for the second place winner
    • 1,000,000 IQD for the third place winner

    Advantages and benefits of participating in the award 

    There are many benefits and privileges through which applicants or nominees for the award can obtain and benefit from them in the long run in developing and upgrading their work system, thus giving them better opportunities to be nominated for various awards, given that providing these standards and adhering to them is a basic requirement for excellence. Among those benefits and privileges:
    ❖ Comparing the digital application with the standards of excellence that are relied upon through this award, which are based on a global basis and in a manner that suits the local environment.
    ❖ Benefit from technical feedback reports that identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, Which are prepared by carefully selected evaluators from experts in the field of artificial intelligence.
    ❖ Take advantage of opportunities to learn from the experience and expertise of others.
    ❖ Providing distinguished smart electronic services to its beneficiaries from the Iraqi governmental and private institutions through quality programs.
    ❖ Exporting youth energies to the beneficiaries of the Iraqi and local institutions through their applications to be used in a sustainable manner in the work of the institutions.
    ❖ Urging the Iraqi institutions, the most important of which is the Federal Service Council, to take into consideration the excellence in artificial intelligence and to give this segment a greater opportunity for appointment in the Iraqi state departments.
    ❖ Announcing this in the media in the university, on its electronic boards, and on the university’s website.

    Award nomination steps 

    ❖ View the award guide and criteria, and its suitability for the smart application.
    ❖ See the criteria for the award branches and their suitability for each candidate.
    ❖ Fill out the electronic application forms through the electronic form announced on the award’s website and the university’s website.
    ❖ Receive notification of acceptance of the award from the organizing committee.
    ❖ Download the electronic form in the form of a (pdf) file that contains (the QR code) and all the information entered, and it must be kept by the contestant after the information registration process is completed.

    Conditions for the candidate’s work 

    1. The candidate must be Iraqi.

    2. That the smart application has a clear and specific system.

    3. The smart application must be sustainable and scalable.

    4. It does not conflict with the general policies of the state in any way.

    5. The application does not conflict with public taste and professional ethics.