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February 29 2024

Annual National Forum of Artificial Intelligence 

With the increasing demand for the development of the knowledge economy and its role in the development of Iraq in all sectors, the University of Information and Communications Technology initiated in January 2022 to establish the annual National Forum for Artificial Intelligence, where the forum aims to highlight the importance and culture of artificial intelligence in development and development in all its details at the level of Iraq towards the introduction of intelligence. This, in turn, contributes to achieving sustainable and balanced national development and a stimulating environment that puts the Iraqi state in a competitive and distinguished position among the region’s countries. Artificial intelligence projects play an important role in confronting corruption, providing job opportunities, encouraging creativity and innovation, and creating digital products of economic and knowledge value that refine the talents and energies of young people and enhance their entrepreneurial ambitions.


  • Launching the first qualitative forum for artificial intelligence in Iraq under the supervision of specialists from various Iraqi ministries and universities to draw up the “national strategy for artificial intelligence in Iraq”.
  • Launching and enhancing the capabilities of collaborative and developmental research between various disciplines in the fields of artificial intelligence between Iraqi and Arab universities, And preparing specialists and researchers to become competent leaders and innovators with abundant knowledge and extensive experience to develop the technology sector and launch innovative projects in Iraq.
  • Raising the spirit of competition among the pioneers of artificial intelligence from developers and researchers and presenting them to the community of Iraqi state institutions as well as the Arab community.


Achieving excellence in knowledge creation, transfer and use of artificial intelligence to drive digital transformation, And consolidating the position of the University of Information and Communications Technology as a leading university for the artificial intelligence community at the local and Arab levels.

National Excellence Award for Developers in Artificial Intelligence 

There are many benefits and privileges through which applicants or candidates for the award can obtain and benefit from them in the long term in developing and upgrading their work system. Thus, providing these standards and adhering to them is a prerequisite for excellence and gives them better opportunities to be nominated for various awards.



AI has emerged from research laboratories and from the pages of science fiction novels. to become an integral part of our daily lives. from helping us navigate cities and avoid traffic, Toward using virtual assistants to help us perform various tasks, today our use of artificial intelligence is rooted in the greater good of society. in 2018, Artificial intelligence has become a reality, not a fantasy. It no longer occupies a place in the world of popular culture only, the year 2018 was a major shift for artificial intelligence, this technology has grown significantly on the ground until it has become a major tool that enters the core of all sectors.

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